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This section is still under development. Please discuss any questions or concern with Adult Leadership.

The most current information for all BSA Policies can be found on the BSA Website. Nothing on this website supersedes any BSA Policy.

Forms & Resources, including applications & health Forms 

Troop Equipment

Equipment is a big part of the Scouting program and is often the subject of many questions by the parents and Scouts. "What do we need?", "What type do we need?", How good does it need to be?  These are the type of questions the leaders hear from the parents. This...

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Discipline & Behavior

The Scouting program is not designed to solve youth discipline problems — on the contrary it's designed to build into youth the necessary character and responsibility to prevent discipline problems. The program needs all of the time available to it to accomplish these...

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Health & Safety

Checkups & Annual Health Forms Official BSA Health forms are required for all youth and adults and must be renewed yearly.  The date of the form must be after the last day of the event.  Youth may be sent home if a health form is incomplete, expires during the...

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Driving, Transporting Scouts and / or Gear

Drivers are expected to follow all traffic rules and all policies of the Boy Scouts of America and policies set forth in the Guide to Safe Scouting and Youth Protection Policies. It is important to understand that, if there is an accident and you are the driver, you /...

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Code of Conduct

Boy Scouts of AmericaScouter Code of Conduct On my honor, I promise to do my best to comply with this Boy Scouts of America Scouter Code of Conduct while serving in my capacity as an adult leader: I have completed or will complete my registration with the Boy Scouts...

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Dues & Fees

As of 2020, Scout BSA Registration Fee is $60 per year for youth, $36 for afults Dues are $26.00 per year. Dues cover expenses such as merit badges and merit badge supplies. Funds raised in fundraisers can be used to pay for camping fees, buying uniforms and buying...

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Dress Code

Shirts - All shirts must have sleeves that cover the shoulder and the upper half of the upper arm or be covered by a shirt with sleeves. Shirts must be of sufficient length to be tucked into the wearers bottoms by at least 1 inch. Bottoms - All bottom-wear must be of...

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