Dress Code
  • Shirts – All shirts must have sleeves that cover the shoulder and the upper half of the upper arm or be covered by a shirt with sleeves. Shirts must be of sufficient length to be tucked into the wearers bottoms by at least 1 inch.
  • Bottoms – All bottom-wear must be of a length not shorter than the fingertips of the wearer, when standing straight. Shorts or long pants are required on all outdoor activities.
  • Sleeping Arrangements – All youth must share a tent with a youth of the same biological gender and sexual orientation and they can not be more than 2 years apart in age.All
  • Closed-toed shoes are required on all outings, unless otherwise noted. Crocs may be worn for evening wear around the campfire or trips to the bathroom but are not suitable for all-day wear. Sneakers or boots should be worn for day-time activities.
  • Swimsuits must consist of a swim shirt and swim shorts so that the main body is covered and protected from the Sun. Females are required to wear a one-piece swimsuit or a cover-up.

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