Code of Conduct

Boy Scouts of America
Scouter Code of Conduct

On my honor, I promise to do my best to comply with this Boy Scouts of America Scouter Code of Conduct while serving in my capacity as an adult leader:

  1. I have completed or will complete my registration with the Boy Scouts of America, answering all questions truthfully and
  2. I will do my best to live up to the Scout Oath and Scout Law, obey all laws, and hold others in Scouting

accountable to those standards. I will exercise sound judgment and demonstrate good leadership and use the Scouting program for its intended purpose consistent with the mission of the Boy Scouts of America.

  1. I will make the protection of youth a personal I will complete and remain current with Youth Protection training requirements. I will be familiar with and follow:
  2. When transporting youth, I will obey all laws, comply with Youth Protection guidelines, and follow safe driving
  3. I will respect and abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America, BSA policies, and BSA-provided training, including but not limited to those relating to:
    • Unauthorized fundraising activities
    • Advocacy on social and political issues, including prohibited use of the BSA uniform and brand
    • Bullying, hazing, harassment, and unlawful discrimination of any kind
  4. I will not discuss or engage in any form of sexual conduct while engaged in Scouting I will refer youth with questions regarding these topics to talk to their parents or spiritual advisor.
  5. I confirm that I have fully disclosed and will disclose in the future any of the following:
    • Any criminal suspicion, charges, or convictions of a crime or offense involving abuse, violence, sexual misconduct, or any misconduct involving minors or juveniles
    • Any investigation or court order involving domestic violence, child abuse, or similar matter
    • Any criminal charges or convictions for offenses involving controlled substances, driving while intoxicated, firearms, or dangerous weapons
  6. I will not possess, distribute, transport, consume, or use any of the following items prohibited by law or in violation of any Scouting rules, regulations, and policies:
    • Alcoholic beverages or controlled substances, including marijuana
    • Concealed or unconcealed firearms, fireworks, or explosives
    • Pornography or materials containing words or images inconsistent with Scouting values
  7. If I am taking prescription medications with the potential of impairing my functioning or judgment, I will not engage in activities that would put youth at risk, including driving or operating
  8. I will take steps to prevent or report any violation of this code of conduct by others in connection with Scouting



 I, _____________________________________, a registered youth or adult member of Troop 95 and we, _________________________, the parent or guardian of the youth member, agree to follow the rules of Troop 95 at meetings and activities:

  1. I will demonstrate good Scout spirit, and follow the Ideals of Scouting: the Scout Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan and the Outdoor Code.
  2. I will follow the directions of my Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader and adult leaders promptly and respectfully.
  3. I will always treat all Troop members and their property with respect.
  4. I will not initiate or participate in any bullying, hazing or unofficial initiation activities.
  5. I will not say disparaging things about other Troop members.
  6. I will not use profanity in the company of other members of the Troop.
  7. I will not disturb other members of the Troop when they do not wish to be disturbed.
  8. I will respect Troop equipment.
  9. I will not use electronic equipment at a Troop event unless a Troop leader gives me permission.
  10. An individual’s behavior or inability to cooperate with others in the unit that impacts the overall successful operation of the unit may constitute reason for temporary suspension and/or removal from the unit for a parent, leader or youth.


When I disregard the rules, I understand that the Troop Leaders will apply the following consequences:

  1. I will be given a verbal warning:
  2. First by my Patrol Leader;
  3. Second by the Senior Patrol Leader; and
  4. Third by the Scout master.
  5. If I ignore the verbal warnings and continue to disregard the rules, I will be required to leave the activity or meeting.
  6. If I continue to disregard the rules or do not leave the activity or meeting, I understand that my parents will be called to take me home regardless of the location of the activity or meeting.
  7. I understand that my actions may result in the Troop leaders deciding that I may not be allowed to attend other activities or meetings for a period of time and that I may be required to do assignments that discuss my role in the Troop.
  8. I also understand that my continued failure to follow Troop rules or the Ideals of Scouting may result in more severe consequences, including suspension from the troop.
  9. I understand that if I damage, destroy or lose another Troop member’s property, regardless of the reason, I will replace or repair the damaged, destroyed or lost equipment at my own cost. I understand that if I damage, destroy or lose the Troop’s property through neglect or deliberate act, I will replace or repair the damaged, destroyed or lost equipment at my own cost.


I have read and understand the rules and consequences and agree to follow the rules of the Troop.


Scout Signature & Date


Parent/Guardian Signature & Date


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