Health & Safety

Checkups & Annual Health Forms

Official BSA Health forms are required for all youth and adults and must be renewed yearly.  The date of the form must be after the last day of the event.  Youth may be sent home if a health form is incomplete, expires during the activity time period, or is expired.  

  • Part A and B: Official BSA Health Form part A and B are required for all youth and adults participating in activities with troop 95
  • Part C: For any campout lasting more than 3 days (2 nights) the Official BSA Health Form Part C with a doctor’s signature is required
  • Part D: Part D is for certain activities.  When required, you will be provided with the part D that is unique to the activity. Part D must be signed by a doctor.
  • Weight Limits: For the safety of those involved, weight limits may be imposed on certain activities.  Maintaining a healthy weight ensure that one can participate in all scouting activities.

Occasionally, the Official Health form changes.  To get the most recent health form, visit the Boy Scouts of America Official Website

Outdoor Activities

Water Bottles: Youth are required to bring a reusable water bottle to every outdoor activity.  Attendees will be sent home if they do not have enough water for the activity.  

You should bring the “10 essentials” to every camping activity. The list of 10 essentials can be found in your handbook.

Other required gear for outdoor activities include:

  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Non-aerosol Mosquito Repellent (some facilities do not permit aerosol cans)
  • Sunscreen



Energy Drinks are Prohibited

Energy drinks contain water and stimulants, such as caffeine, ginseng, and guarana, as well as varying amounts of other ingredients including carbohydrates, protein, amino acids, vitamins, sodium, and other minerals. The American Academy
of Pediatrics (AAP) Committee on Nutrition and the AAP Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness have rigorously reviewed the available scientific data on energy drinks and sports drinks and found that “stimulant-containing energy drinks have
no place in the diet of children and adolescents.” Virtually all other relevant professional organizations have echoed this opinion.

Energy drinks should be differentiated from sports drinks in that energy drinks always include stimulants in addition to the water, sugars, and minerals generally contained in sports drinks. Again, the consensus expert medical opinion is that, for almost all exercise environments, water intake alone is the best way to remain hydrated.

Because of the potential for adverse medical consequences as well as the negative professional recommendations regarding use of energy drinks by children, the following recommendation is made by the BSA Safe Scouting Support Committee:

Energy drinks are to be discouraged at Scouting events and should not be sold at BSA trading posts or other retail venues.

Scouts BSA Troop 95’s Policy on Energy Drinks are:

  • We do not condone, support or encourage the consumption of energy drinks in our troop or at home
  • We do not allow youth to purchase energy drinks on scout activities
  • Energy drinks & caffeinated beverages should not be brought to scout activities by youth
  • Youth are not allowed to buy or consume caffeinated beverages and snacks  without a parent’s permission
  • Any stimulating drink or food item, such as coffee, Mountain Dew, Colas, etc, if permitted by a parent, can only be purchased in the morning and must be consumed before 1pm.

Allergies & Medication


Written instructions is required for all medication. You may be asked to provide documentation and authorization on a special form.

  • Unless requested otherwise, youth will be allowed to manage their own medication on short-term camping events.
  • On long-term events (summer camp) youth will need to bring their medication in original prescription bottles
  • Parents must provide written instructions on what medication is take & when.

Emergency Inhalers and other emergency-use medications may be kept on the child at all times. Make sure you provide written instructions for the use of such medicine or equipment AND make sure the Scoutmaster is aware of them.


We do our best to make sure we are aware of every person’s allergies; However, if your child has a severe allergy, make sure you discuss it with the Scoutmaster in person.

Food Allergies – Scouts have a budget they are expected to stay within when planning meals.  Every effort is made to pack food that is agreeable to all scouts. If the troop can not accommodate you or your child’s dietary needs, you will be asked to provide your own food for the activity.  Menu’s are made the Monday before each event and is available to everyone. If you have food concerns, we invite you to review the menu in advance.

Epi Pens – The troop has nurses and Red Cross Certified Members. Please talk to the scoutmaster to make sure someone who is trained in the use of Epi Pens is available at the event.

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