Troop Equipment

Equipment is a big part of the Scouting program and is often the subject of many questions by the parents and Scouts. “What do we need?”, “What type do we need?”, How good does it need to be?  These are the type of questions the leaders hear from the parents. This section deals with these questions as well as those pertaining to Troop 95 owned equipment.

Troop Equipment

The Troop owns a large amount of camping and associated types of equipment of substantial monetary value. The troop is well equipped with tents, stoves and lanterns, fuel equipment, patrol cooking gear, dining flies, patrol and tent boxes, food and drink coolers, etc. and a trailer for hauling this equipment to our activity and camping locations. Troop ownership of this equipment saves the individual scouts from having to buy this equipment, but it carries with it the responsibility of each scout taking care and maintaining this equipment for use by future members of the troop

A series of rules pertaining to troop owned equipment have been established:

  1. It is the responsibility of each scout to use and maintain any troop owned equipment in the manner for which it is intended in order to keep it in working order. Any malfunctioning or damaged equipment should be reported to the Troop’s Quartermaster immediately. The Quartermaster is expected to report defects to the adult leadership.
  2. Any scout who damages any troop owned equipment is responsible for fixing or replacing that piece of equipment. If a specific person can’t be isolated, or the damage was due to horse-play by several members of the patrol, then the patrol will be responsible for the cost or repair.
  3. Damage through ignorance of how to use a piece of equipment is No Excuse, the person(s) will be responible for repairing or replacing the damaged item. There are plenty of other scouts and adult leaders who can help. If you don’t know the equipment – – – Ask before you use it!
  4. During camp outs, all cooking equipment is to be thoroughly cleaned by the scouts and all scouts will be expected to participate in an equipment clean-up the first meeting after the outing.
  5. Do Not spray insect repellent in or near the tents. It ruins their water proofing.
  6. Troop owned equipment may not be borrowed by Scouts for non-Scouting events.

Personal Equipment

A certain amount of personal equipment is needed by each scout for participation in the camping and outdoor activities conducted by the troop. There is also a list of prohibited items that have no place during a scouting activity or camp out.

What to Pack

  1. Unless told otherwise, pack the 10 essentials. The 10 essentials can be found in your handbook
  2. Sleeping bag – pack an appropriate weight sleeping bag. On hot days, a sheet may be the only bedding needed.
  3. Sleeping mat or cot – sleeping on the hard ground is uncomfortable
  4. One outfit for each day of camp, plus an extra
  5. Swimming suit and beach towel. We may not plan water activities, but they are typically available at most Florida events.
  6. Bathroom  & hygiene items, such as: soap, Washcloth, towel, deodorant, tooth brush, tooth paste, comb or brush, and what ever you do, don’t forget the “TP”. (Toilet Paper)
  7. Flashlight and Spare Batteries
  8. Insect Repellent – We would prefer the non-aerosol type because insect repellent, if sprayed on a tent removes the waterproofing.
  9.  Personal First Aid Kit as described in the scout handbook
  10. Scout Handbook, Pencil and Paper.
  11. If awarded, bring your  Totin’ ChipFirem’n Chit, and Outdoor Code Cards- The scouts are required to carry these cards whenever they are at a scout function.
  12. Back Pack or Duffel bag to keep their geer- The Scout’s name should be placed on the outside of the pack and other belongings
  13. Lightweight Day back for carrying items such as water bottle, sunscreen, bug repellant
  14. Compass
  15. Reusable water bottle or canteen. You will be sent home if you do not bring an appropriate water bottle and one can not be found.

This list will not apply to hiking or backpacking trips. Meeting attendance is required for these trips and you will be instructed about what to bring and how to pack.

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