January 20th, Monday’s Meeting

— Bring 2 handkerchiefs & your handbook.
— Menu’s, Duty roster & finish the sleds.
— Fedora patrol, bring your fedora’s or be prepared to make your own!
— Payment is due, $25

Jan 23rd – 7 pm

Shopping at King’s Hwy Walmart. Bring your gear!

Jan 24th 6:30 pm

Meet at King’s Hwy Walmart, depart at 7 pm

January 26th

Return at noon, Temple Shalom.

Dismissal – scouts will be dismissed by the SPL and Quartermaster after all camp equipment is cleaned

WEAR your Field (official) uniform for our Friday departure and Sunday’s Return!

What to Bring:

In addition to your regular camping gear, toiletries, clean clothes, sleeping mat and sleeping bag, be sure to bring?

  • Field Uniform (Official BSA Shirt, Green button-up pants.)
  • Activity Uniform (Blue shirt with Scouts BSA Troop 95 Logo)
  • Closed-Toed shoes (sneakers or hiking shoes; Crocs are not acceptable for all-day wear)
  • Handbook
  • The 10 Essentials (In Your Handbook)
  • Keep an eye on the weather and pack appropriately!


Gremlins: Jonathan, Erick, Shane, Ethan, Jackson, & Landon
Fedora: Adam, Elliot, Michael, Jayrdian, Yanni & Dylan

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