Canoe Trip Details

Depart Saturday, 9am from King’s Hwy Walmart

Return Tuesday, 1pm, King’s Hwy Walmart

Are you well enough to camp? Camping takes a lot of energy, if you’ve been sick, you should stay home.

Troop 95’s rules regarding camping wellness are:

  • Stay home if you’ve had one or more of the following in the last 24 hours: fever over 100.4, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Stay home if you’ve had two or more of the following: unexplained extreme fatigue or muscle aches, rash, cough, sore throat, open sore(s)

Camp Card Sales
9am – 1pm

Camp Cards are $10, each youth gets $5 per card.  The amount collected may be used for camp fees, camp gear and registration. Each card has 3 snap-off instant use coupons and access to thousands of coupons nationwide.

The committee is working to get a commitment for TBD dates from: Fishin Franks, Harley Davidson, Superday Gas Station and Punta Gorda Farmer’s Market. If you have contacts at any of these locations or with the Ray’s or Braves baseball teams, please contact Lisa at

3/21 & 3/22
Winn Dixie, Cape Coral FL
3/29 & 4/4
Winn Dixie, Cape Coral FL
4/11 & 4/12
Lowe’s, Port Charlotte – Parent must supervise
TBD – Parent must supervise