Scouts BSA (ages 11-17)

Welcome to Troop 95.  Your journey to Eagle Scout has begun.

As a new member, you are joining a group of kids who share your interests in the outdoors, adventure, and learning.  As a Scout, you will get the opportunity to learn, see, and do things that other kids may not. You will get the opportunity to acquire new skills, and you will be recognized and rewarded for what you have accomplished.  You will have the opportunity to learn leadership, organizational, and other skills that will help you later in life.

This introduction is intended to act as an introduction to Scouting and to give Scouts and Parents a better understanding about how the Troop works.

For more details, please see the Policies page

YOU are in  control of your  goals to progress  to Eagle rank.

You CAN achieve your goals with perseverance and by meeting the challenges of the distractions,  that may derail you on your journey. Even though this is your journey to travel, there is assistance available from the adult leaders and higher ranked scouts to help you along the way. You can ask for help any time you feel you need it.

There are some basic rules that we expect you to follow:

  • The Temple that  we meet in is a house of worship and  we require you to treat the facility with complete respect, including, its cleanliness.
  • Respect each others’ culture, beliefs, and traditions.  America is a land of diverse backgrounds.
  • Have your Parent or Guardian Download and use ScoutBook to help you track and evaluate your progress.

Download the Orientation Guide Here

Scouting Overview

Scout RankScouts BSA Meets Every Monday at 7pm at Temple Shalom: 23190 Utica Ave, Port Charlotte FL (just off Kings Hwy.)  School Schedule - Our troop meets on every school day.  Meetings on days schools are closed is determined by the troop the week before. Please...

Your Leaders

Scouts BSA is Boy Led. That means the you, with adult guidance, are expected to do most of the planning. This lets you plan an exciting program that is unique and fun.  This is how a troop is organized:

  1. A troop is made of one or more patrols. Each patrol has at most, 8 members.  Each patrol is lead by a Patrol Leader and my have an assistant Patrol Leader. The Patrol Leaders is the voice of the patrol, their job is to plan activities to promote advancement interest their members. If you have questions, you are expected to talk to your patrol leader.
  2. Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) organizes the patrols and helps guide their activities. Depending on the troop size, the SPL appoints one or more ASPL’s (Assistant Patrol Leader) to help. If patrol leaders have questions or concerns,they are expected to talk to the SPL or ASPL.
  3. There are several other positions within the troop to help keep it organized and running well. Descriptions of the various leadership roles are below.

Each month a “Patrol Leaders Council” is held.  The SPL, ASPL and Patrol Leaders meet to plan the next months activities. The plan is presented to the Scoutmaster for approval or modification.

Annually, typically in May when Council releases their Planning Calendar, the troop holds a planning event. We will plan camp-outs and other outdoor activities for the following 12-months with tentative dates and locations.  The dates and locations are finalized the month before the activity is planned.


Youth Leadership

There are several leadership positions available in the troop. Below are some leadership positions you may be interested in.

Patrol Leader

The patrol leader is the patrol’s key leader, representing the patrol at all patrol leaders’ council meetings and the annual program planning conference, and keeping patrol members informed of decisions made. Patrol leaders carry out planning, leading, and evaluating...

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Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL)

The assistant senior patrol leader is the second highest youth leadership position in the troop, working closely with the senior patrol leader to help the troop move forward. The assistant senior patrol leader acts as the senior patrol leader in the absence of the...

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Senior Patrol Leader

With three green bars behind the Scout emblem, the senior patrol leader’s shoulder patch symbolizes one of the oldest leadership positions in Scouting. The Boy Scouts of America has long recognized the senior patrol leader as the highest youth leadership position in a...

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Adult Leaders

The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters are trained adults who help guide the youth in decision making. They do not plan the activities. They make sure that all Guidelines of the BSA are met.


The Scoutmaster is the adult leader responsible for the image and program of the troop. The Scoutmaster and assistant Scoutmasters work directly with the Scouts. The importance of the Scoutmaster's role is reflected in the fact that the quality of guidance will affect...

The Committee is a group of adults who help run the “behind the scenes” activities, such as event reservations, budgeting, planing fundraisers etc.  Every committee member is a person who volunteers their time to make sure the youth have a quality program.  Most of the members are parents who work full-time. We ask that each person contribute to the committee, even if it is in a small way.

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