Fun Pasta

Sell fun-shaped Pasta!

40% of all sales (less shipping) benefits our troop!

  • 60% of the profit will go to the individual youth’s account
  • 40% will go to the troop account. Troop funds will be used to fund the “needy scout” account and replace/repair troop equipment.

There are 2 ways to participate in this fundraiser:

Sell online using the App:

  1. Download the “Fun Pasta Fundraising” App and use join code “VZH-15Q.”
  2. Setup your seller page
  3. Share your seller page via email and online

Sell In Person:

  1. Use the paper order forms to collect payments in person from family & friends or, have your parents take them to work.
  2. Turn the order forms in to the Committee Chair or Fundraising Chair each Monday.
  3. Delivery takes 2-3 weeks.


Shop online:

Giving Bean Coffee, Tea & More

Giving Bean Logo25% of all Sales are donated to our Troop

Paper Forms are coming soon, until then, shop online!

Contact one of our great leaders!